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Enough Teething Already

Monday, October 29, 2007

Elle has been teething for what seems like forever. She has been beyond crabby, but that isn’t the worst of her symptoms. POOP! She has been pooping about 4 times a day. Last night she had 3 of the most awful diapers in an hour and half. I thought Joe was going to cry, it was just diaper after diaper. I have a bad feeling that tomorrow night, when we are going to visit our family in Illinois to show off Elle’s Halloween costume we will have a very smelly duck on our hands. We practiced in her duck costume this morning. She isn’t digging the hood. I think we will practice again tonight & see if Joe can convince her that hoods are cool.


On another note, JOE’S HOME! He was gone 5 days last week, which is longer than his usual trips. It probably wouldn’t have been as bad if he hadn’t been so busy with work the 2 weeks prior to the trip. Add a crabby, poopy, teething toddler to the mix & I was desperate for Joe to get home. I’m blocking the thought of him going camping this weekend. I’m pretty sure he is feeling bad about being so “absent” lately. He has allowed me to have the night free of parenting duties. Bath, diapers, playing, reading, etc are all on his plate tonight.

Elle’s newest favorite pastime is brushing hair.



Odd Things Parenting Makes You Say: (vol 2)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

“No, I can’t read you that book right now, I’m in the shower” (I’ve now said this sentence twice…Elle thinks I like to read in the shower)

“Take the graham cracker out of your ear”

5 Years

Friday, October 26, 2007

This weekend is my FIVE year college reunion. How is that even possible? Anyway, in honor of the reunion (which I am not attending) here is a picture of Joe & me my senior year at GC. I’m having issues with wordpress and my photo, so you may have to click on the link to view the picture (we look like babies).


I Got It

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I got it, I got it!! I’ve got the mommy glare down. Tonight Elle kept stood up in the bathtub when I was straightening up the bathroom , I caught her do it out the of corner of my eye. I slowly turned toward her and gave her “the look”. You know the look, real serious, narrowed eyes, tight lips. She slowly sat down. I didn’t have to say a word, she knew exactly what I wanted her to do. Looks like we are getting to the point where she is beginning to test her boundaries. Looks like I’m going to need to have more than “the look” in my back pocket. Joe & I were talking the other day about where our time-out spot will be. It overwhelming to think about all of the parenting issues we are about to embark on. My friend, Katie, just finished reading Love and Logic. She has pretty much convinced me to go out, purchase the book, and read it at quickly as possible. What ever parenting method we end up following, I’m sure we will make mistake along the way, but one of the things I am really looking forward to is watching how Joe & I work together on this. I have a feeling that we will learn as much about ourselves as we will about Elle.

More Working Mom…Less Stay At Home Mom

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. Beginning next week I will take on 10 more hours a week at work. Nice for the bank account, not so good for my time with Elle. I know this is an issue that nearly every mom faces, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Since Elle was 2 months old, I have been working 20 hours a week. Elle would spend 12 of those hours at her babysitters house & the rest of those hours she was able to be home with Joe (he has Friday’s off due to the evening/Sunday time he puts in at church). Now she will be at the babysitters 24 hours a week! We are so blessed to have a great sitter, but she isn’t mom. I keep telling myself that I still have 10 more hours a week with her than many working moms have with their kids.

I will be working Tuesday – Friday. At least I will have Monday’s off & will not work as late on Fridays. This is going to force me to use my time at home more wisely. Not as much time watching Project Runway reruns but more time cooking in advance and doing special activities with the kid. Speaking of cooking, I’ve been thinking about getting the new book by Jessica Seinfeld. It’s all about pureeing vegetables and including them in everyday, kid friendly foods. Interesting concept, but I’m not sure I am disciplined enough to do it. Also, I have been in the mood for baking. Not a mood that strikes very often, maybe it is because it is getting chilly outside. I’ve never made pumpkin bread, but I am feeling up to the challenge. Anyone have a tasty but relatively easy pumpkin bread recipe to share??

FRIENDS: Our friends Sarah Jane & Tim had their baby last night! Ella Jane was born at 9:30 and is 7 lbs 13 oz. We can’t wait to meet her. It is yet another Elle-ish name. Here are all of Elle’s little friends with very similar names: Eliot, Elli, & now Ella!! And we thought we were creative when we named her Elle. Also, check out the link (Nicole) to the left. My friend Nicole started blogging today…she is the mom of 3 boys and I’m sure she will have lots of hilarious stories to share!