House Guests


We have company coming! Dustin, Jessica, & Ava will arrive Thursday evening & be staying for a week and a half. Dustin is the newest member of the Fundamental Elements. The twist on the whole situation is that Dustin & family live in Iowa. All of the other band members live here in STL. Many of their shows are here in STL, it’s a long drive for a Saturday night Cicero’s show. It feels like just a few days ago that I was in Jessica’s shoes (although my situation was not quite as life changing). Joe joined the band back in January. At that point we didn’t know how much of a commitment the band was going to be. Was it a hobby, or was it a career? I still don’t know how to answer that question & it has been 9 months. There were so many questions we were facing at that time: Did Joe need to quit his job? Could we financially swing Joe perusing his dream? Did we need to re-locate to a cheaper house? Did I need to work full time so Joe could make music? There were many stressful moments when we were figuring things out. We have been so blessed that Joe’s job at the church has been flexible. At this point, he has been able to continue working full time & support his family. Sure, we haven’t had a family vacation because all of his vacation days have been used to travel with the band, but I have a happy husband. Musicians are created to make music & nothing (not even an amazing wife or creative job) can fill that need.

I’m sure that Jessica has many more questions swimming through her head. They may be uprooting their family to persue Dustin’s dream of being a professional musician. Jessica & I haven’t even met yet, but I hope that she falls in love with STL & all of us other band wives (we call our selves the Fundee Undees) help ease her mind. But most of all I pray that God gives their family clear direction. Here is a photo of the Fundees Undees (minus Jessica). We love “supporting” our boys!

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3 Responses to “House Guests”

  1. Ron Says:

    And an amazing wife you are, my dear. I watch. I know. And I am proud of you. And this summer you SHALL HAVE A VACATION! It may be without Joe and just to Cleveland … but still!

  2. Tammy Says:

    This is a great picture… I thank God for you in Joe’s life.. I thank you for being the amazing wife that you are. I love you…

  3. Katie (Eliot's mom) Says:

    I dont’ know how you put up with that junk…

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