I Got It


I got it, I got it!! I’ve got the mommy glare down. Tonight Elle kept stood up in the bathtub when I was straightening up the bathroom , I caught her do it out the of corner of my eye. I slowly turned toward her and gave her “the look”. You know the look, real serious, narrowed eyes, tight lips. She slowly sat down. I didn’t have to say a word, she knew exactly what I wanted her to do. Looks like we are getting to the point where she is beginning to test her boundaries. Looks like I’m going to need to have more than “the look” in my back pocket. Joe & I were talking the other day about where our time-out spot will be. It overwhelming to think about all of the parenting issues we are about to embark on. My friend, Katie, just finished reading Love and Logic. She has pretty much convinced me to go out, purchase the book, and read it at quickly as possible. What ever parenting method we end up following, I’m sure we will make mistake along the way, but one of the things I am really looking forward to is watching how Joe & I work together on this. I have a feeling that we will learn as much about ourselves as we will about Elle.


8 Responses to “I Got It”

  1. twolinesonastick Says:

    That book looks kind of interesting. Let me know if you like it!

  2. diehl99 Says:

    My friend Heather is going to a “Love and Logic” class that meets once a week for 4 weeks. I’m anxious to hear what she thinks about it, too. Good that you’ve perfected the look though, trust me, you’ll use it.

  3. Ron Says:

    AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! “The look!” Are you aware that it works on husbands too?! Perhaps I should not have told you that. But congratulations on arming yourself with the 2nd greatest weapon in the female arsenal. Use it wisely. Over use will ruin it. Pretend Yoda is standing over your shoulder guiding you on when to unleash this terror. If you glare too intensly you run the risk of melting your target …

    By the way. Love the new photo on your banner! That’s my family!

  4. Tiffany Nevil Says:

    I highly recommend Dan Allender’s book, “How Children Raise Parents.” It is an amazing book because it takes a totally different perspective on parenting your children than any other book I’ve read. The point of the book is basically teaching you to know yourself and where your own personal bents are and then to recognize ways you might be pushing them on your child. He says we need to “know” our children and how God has created them to be. He encourages you to listen to your children, to see them for who they are and to parent them in the way that is best for them (not for you). So the way you parent one of your children may not necessarily be the way you parent another. This is a book that looks at principles, not methods so much. It’s not a “how-to” book. But it changed my perspective in huge ways and opened my eyes to a lot of things. He uses the Proverbs as his basis for a lot of things. He talks alot about danger zones of Christian parents too…legalism, your example, etc. I cried a ton. Check it out…

  5. lyndy Says:

    I recommend a book…it is call THE BIBLE!!!
    That is the only book you should ever need. And if that just isn’t enough then perhaps we can negotiate on Purpose Driven Life.

  6. Linda Sjerven Says:

    I was saddened by the loss of Miss Pat. I don’t know whether you or Joe have been able to look at the bulletin board, but there’s a Connie Ebert who is asking for children, over 9 months, to take care of in her home. She’s not in ACS (assuming I remembered the name correctly).


  7. kellimcgill Says:

    Thanks for the idea Scott…err, I mean Lyndy. Can I borrow your copy?

  8. Kari Says:

    So who is going to be the good cop and who is going to be the bad cop? Can you guess how it went in my house?!? Sarah called her daddy a napkin; “He always folds.”

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