New Normal


I guess I am just going to have to suck it up and adjust to our new lifestyle. This week has been pretty crazy. 30 hour work has been a huge adjustment. I don’t know how so many moms work 40 + hours a week..I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon. In addition to working a lot we have been busy in the evenings. Visiting family in Illinois so everyone could see our little Duck. And last night Joe and I had a date night. Tonight we are having a “living funeral” for my dad.

Here our some pics of our Duck. We also taught her how to do the duck (chicken) dance. It was adorable.

Logan (her favorite (and only) cousin) the bunny. We plan on black mailing him with this photo someday! We also have a picture of him in Dora panties…don’t ask. But he’d better not cross us.


Enjoying a halloween cookie she made at her babysitters house. The cookie was promptly followed by a bath and a change of clothing for me.


Some of you might be thinking…she mentioned her dad’s “living funeral” and didn’t explain. Well, my parents are moving to Cleveland. Dad leaves tomorrow and mom will be joining him upon the selling of their house (anyone want to buy a house in Bethalto IL?). Dad decided that we all needed to throw him a living funeral. Basically he just wants us to all sit around and talk about how great he is & how much we are going to miss him. Now, with my family…tonight will be anything but honoring. He has basically called us to all come and roast him. Sounds like fun!! I’m sure I’ll have a fun post about it tomorrow.

One Response to “New Normal”

  1. Jan Says:

    She wore the hood! 😀

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