McGill-more Girls


Dear Gilmore Girls,

I miss you so much. Why do my Tuesday nights feel so empty without you? I could watch your re-runs all day long. I often refer to my daughter and I as the “McGill-more Girls” Your witty banter keeps me laughing for the entire hour. Many (men mostly) complain about how quickly you talk, but I like it. Obviously they don’t have ADD like me, my brain has no problem keeping up. Tomorrow your final season comes out on DVD, maybe someone (hint, Joe) will buy you for me.

Yours Truly,

Sad in St Louis

PS-Here is a picture of my McGill-more girl showing off her new, mad fork skills.



4 Responses to “McGill-more Girls”

  1. Ron Says:

    What? You are ADD too? Uh oh. Scott is self-diagnosed. You are self-diagnosed. I am wife-diagnosed. Does poor Topher have a chance? I think not! (WARN LAURA!)

    I love the new “mad fork skills.” if she can do so without putting one of my eyes out I fully intend for her to feed me my entire Thanksgiving dinner. (That eye part is important though.)

    Love you 3…

  2. kellimcgill Says:

    No fork/eye incidents yet!

  3. diehl99 Says:

    yea…she’s feeding herself! this is one of the best milestones 🙂

  4. Laurabell Says:

    i’m not sure i’m even that good with a fork. bravo elle!

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