Yesterday afternoon, I got a phone call from Elle’s babysitter (Miss Pat).  Elle was running a 102 fever.  I rushed right over, and found Elle laying on Miss Pat’s couch.  Immediately, I knew that she was not feeling well.  Normally Elle lays for no more than 2.3 seconds at a time.  Joe & I got Elle home and down for a nap.  She woke up an hour later and her fever had broken.  About bedtime we noticed it was coming back, at 7:30 it was 100.  I went in her room to check on her at 9:30 & she woke up.  She was burning up, 104!!  YIKES.  I’m not prepared to handle real sickness.  I realize that I am 27 and have been a mother for 18 months, but in my mind I am still 16 years old (does that ever go away?).  We have an amazing pediatrician, when you have a new baby, he gives you a handbook (like 200 pages) that he and the other docs in his office wrote (we once saw Jim Edmonds in the office with his kids…Joe had no doubt that we had selected a good ped. after that).  It is so nice.  I flipped open the book and saw exactly what I needed to do.  Tylenol & if the fever get to 105, we go to the ER.  What would I do without handbooks??? I would never learn how to use my phone at work or figure out how to make a lasagna.  Could someone please write a handbook on how to break my horrible addiction to Mountain Dew?  We are out of milk, I need to go to the grocery store…but it is the night before Thanksgiving.  It’s not going to be pretty…maybe I’ll get a Mountain Dew to help get me through.


5 Responses to “Handbooks”

  1. Tim Says:

    Hey Elle! My babysitter was Ms. Pat or momma Pat as I called her.

    Have Great thanksgiving!


  2. Ron Says:

    I’m 52 and still feel 16 so no, you it never goes away. But do you really want it to?

    You are a great mom. I’m proud of you…

  3. tiffanynevil Says:

    I know I have totally depended upon that handbook! Cooper had a random rash thing and I found everything I needed to know about it in the handbook! It has saved me countless sleepless nights and doctor appointments. Why doesn’t every doctor think of that? We SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO miss Dr. M.
    Love ya,

  4. Katie (Eliot's mom) Says:

    You could move to a foreign country that doesn’t sell mountain dew. However, you may…uh, hypothetically, find yourself addicted a an entirely new soda anyway. Good luck.

  5. Lord Says:

    Great Post! Thanks for inspiring me. I really enjoy the content of your blog.

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