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All Business

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Occasionally I have these moments where the thought of being a parent freaks me out…a little late, I know!  Sometimes the reality of having a child just hits.  So often we have a lot of fun, but every now and then, it’s all business.  Those “business” moments seem to be happening more and more often.  Today Joe & I had several times where we had to get on Elle about different things.  Many discipline issues I can handle, it’s the blatant defiance that gets me.  She has begun to tell us “no” or “stop it”…with SASS.   I fully expect to be paid-back for the attitude that I often dished out to my parents.I  know it’s normal, I know it will get harder before it gets better, but I’m not looking forward to this part.  But of course, it’s all worth it.


A Day in Our House

Friday, December 28, 2007

Note: This is a true story

Setting: Joe is sitting on the couch on his computer. Kelli & Elle are in the kitchen, about 8 feet from the couch where Joe is.

Kelli: “Elle, go ask Daddy how many hot dogs he wants for lunch.”

Elle: (walks 8 feet to Joe and stares at Joe)

Kelli: “Elle come here.”

Elle: (walked 8 feet to Kelli and looks up at her)

Kelli: “Say, “1 hot dog or 2 hot dogs?””

Elle: (walked 8 feet to Joe) “Hot dog?”

Joe: “Yes please, one hot dog”

Elle: (walks 8 feet to Kelli) “hot dog”

Kelli: “One or two?”

Elle: (walks 8 feet to Joe) “hot dog?”

Joe: “One hot dog, please.”

Elle: (walks 8 feet to Kelli & in her most confident voice says…) “chicken”

At that point we both died laughing and Elle fake laughed along with us.

Thank You

Friday, December 28, 2007

For those of you that know our family, you probably noticed that Elle is a pretty verbal little girl. She was talking before she had any teeth. I decided a few weeks ago that she really needed to learn to say thank you to people when they give her something. She picked up on the concept so quickly. She literally said “THANK YOU” in the sweetest little girl voice after nearly every present she opened. My parents got her about 10 books & wrapped them all individually & she said “THANK YOU” after opening each one. It was so adorable!

4:30 am

Friday, December 28, 2007

Yup, that’s what time I got up this morning. Elle decided that it was time to start her day…normally, I’m a firm believer in letting her cry it out but we had a few house guests last night. I brought her in our room & she immediately climbed onto Joe’s chest & began playing with his face. He wasn’t too thrilled! At 5, I decided that she wasn’t going to fall back asleep so we ventured into the living room, turned on the Disney Channel & snuggled on the couch. I dozed off & on, but now I’m wiped (I hadn’t gone to be until 1am…short night). I’m ready to get her back into a routine.

So…I’m off to take a nap


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Now where am I supposed to put all the stuff Elle got for Christmas? I guess my job for today is to figure that one out. She got some really fun (huge) stuff. Here are the highlights: play kitchen, baby doll & travel system (stroller & car seat) for the baby, 3 of the 4 Little Einsteins dolls & rocket, a books case/storage unit, 982 books, sit and spin…I could go on. Last night we had to borrow Joe’s Dad’s truck to get the kitchen home. And today my Dad will be delivering the book case. Plus, we still have Christmas tonight with Joe’s mom & stepdad & they have never been know to skimp on anything Elle related. I have no idea where this is all going to go…I refuse to have a play kitchen in my living room.

Anyway, we had a wonderful day with our families. Ate way too much food. And wore the little girl out. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

I didn’t take one picture all day! I’ll steal some from family soon.