It’s About Stink’n Time…


that Elle pitch in around here! Our beautiful tree has been shedding needles at a rediculous speed. Yesterday I vacuumed under it twice & then hit it with the dust buster. Elle wanted to help out with all the fun, if only she were old enough to do toilets.


Ladies & Gentlemen, today I get my hair done. I have had to reschedule this appointment twice, but today is the day. My bangs have grown to almost reach the tip of my nose, it isn’t pretty. Last night Elle & I went out to dinner with Joe’s Aunt Pat & her friend Anne. They live in Gig Harbor, WA (near Seattle). She is in town twice a year & we always look forward to spending time with her. My mom is on her way over to watch Elle while I get my hair done. We recently began using a new stylist because we became tired of driving to Illinois for our old stylist (I had gone to since Jr High). Mindy is at Lavish Salon down the street & she’s great. Hopefully we will be able to see Jim & Alisha today too. Alisha is doing really, really well. I talked to her for quite awhile yesterday & it felt like having the old Alisha back. Tonight mom & I are going to hunker down on the couch to watch a movie while finishing up a craft project I am doing for work (pictures to come next week).The boys are playing in Columbia, MO tonight. Not great timing since their show is pretty much the exact time of the Mizzou/Oklahoma championship.I need to go sneak a quick shower in while Little Einsteins are on the Disney Channel.


One Response to “It’s About Stink’n Time…”

  1. Ron Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day planned! Make sure your mom does that “hunker down” thing with you. I think she needs some Kelli & Elle time. Love you, precious daughter!

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