Santa, Santa, Santa!!!


For those of you who don’t know my uncle, you are missing out. Jim is just 2 years older then I am. Honestly, I consider him my brother rather then uncle. He even lived with our family several years while I was in college. Anyway, Jim is…unique. Jim is…hilarious. Jim is…ridiculous. Last fall Jim married a co-worker and friend of mine. Alisha is the perfect fit for him. In so many way she is his opposite, but she has mastered the perfect mix being responsible and letting him do off the wall things. For their first married Christmas, Jim decided that he wanted to get an inflatable Santa for their living room rather than a Christmas tree. All of us just laughed at this idea, Alisha said, “sure!”

Yesterday, Joe, Elle & I went over to their house and met up with them and Chris and Laura (my bro & future sister in law). Inflatable Santa was glowing in their living room. Elle was pretty interested in Santa. Chris was sitting right near Santa as Elle was banging on Santa’s leg with a toy. Chris decided that it was the perfect moment to turn off Santa’s air pump & let him instantly deflate. Elle panicked! She begins yelling, “SANTA, SANTA, SANTA!!” as she is desperately trying to catch him as he is folding on top of her.

I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time. We tried to do it again so we could catch it on video. Of course, it didn’t work. She wanted nothing to do with Santa at that point.


5 Responses to “Santa, Santa, Santa!!!”

  1. laurabell Says:

    that was the funniest moment of my december. i bet i told 20 people about it today and i laughed extra hard every time. SHE WAS SO PANICKED!


  2. Jan Says:

    Oh sure. Like Elle wasn’t scared enough of real-life Santas before this. Now y’all have the fake ones trying to sit on her. 😉

    LOL!!! This is pure hilarity! What a shame someone didn’t get that on video. America’s Funniest Videos would have loved it!

  3. Ron Says:

    You KILLED SANTA in front of my granddaughter!!!!!????? Oh, this is NOT going to look good on your permanent file (which, by the way, I’ve been keeping on each of you since birth.) That had to be a priceless moment.!

    love you…dad

  4. Katie (Eliot's mom) Says:

    That’s hilarious and so not right. Poor Elle!!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    this is hilarious! i would have loved to have seen cute little Elle!

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