Elle Popsicles



19 months is such a fun age. I wish we could freeze Elle. She has personality oozing out of her pores. Wait…I’m not sure I want to freeze her yet…we need her potty trained 1st. Speaking of potty training, she is beginning to show some interest. For those of you who have been through this lately, I’m in the market for a potty chair. Any suggestions? Our bathroom that she will use is pretty small, not a ton of room for a large seat. I’ve actually been thinking about just getting one of those seats that sits on the toilet? Is it ok to do one of those seats & not one that lives on the floor of my bathroom for months? One friend suggested any of the Baby Bjorn seats.

She’s not quite ready yet, but we need to start talking about it more (reading books to her about it too). HELP! Any tips or advise is welcome.


7 Responses to “Elle Popsicles”

  1. Jan Says:

    My babysitting teenagers tell me that many of their small getting-ready-for-potty-training clients have the book “Everyone Poops” and they seem to love it. It certainly provides a lot of opportunity for talking about the potty idea.

  2. twolinesonastick Says:

    I think I was the one who recommended the Bjorn seat. They also have a matching stool to climb up there. And they’re just white with black trim so they aren’t horribly tacky living having a potty in primary colors or Dora print or something!

  3. diehl99 Says:

    While the on-the-toilet seat thingy is convenient, I’ve had better luck actually potty training on the little potty (we have the Graco soft seat one). I, too, refuse to have one that sings. Bennett doesn’t like that on-the-toilet thing at all, and will go in the little potty or just sitting on the big potty. Hey, you’ve just inspired a post…I’ll link my favorite books and stuff.

  4. Ron Says:

    Well Kelli, you were potty trained on one that sat on the floor. It is important that you strap your child in so that they can scoot around the floor. (Ask your uncle Jim.) I think yours was an “Electric Company” chair, thus prompting the accusations that we gave our child “The Electric Chair.”

    OK, and now I wish to retract my previous comment on the caffeine blog. I do not want another daughter. I have shredded the dozens of applications that came pouring in and I support you 100% in your decaffeination process. (But I’m upping my consumption to off set yours. The caffeine companies are depending on our family.)

    All good dads support their daughters (except financially),

  5. Denise Says:

    Libby is in the potty-training process right now, with very good early results (at least one pee-pee every day since Christmas). Libby had the benefit of Big Sister Grace, whom she emulates in every imaginable fashion. Anytime Grace used the bathroom, Libby would go sit on the little potty and wait until Grace was finished. It was excellent “practice” for her. Finally we happened to catch her at the right time and she actually tinkled on the potty. So we praised her for it (and fed her chocolate). Now she loves to go. With both our girls we found that just letting them sit there as often as she wanted to and giving LOTS of praise for a “successful” visit were the keys.

    And I second the recommendation for “Everybody Poops.” I’ve read it once and it’s a cute book.

    How’s the soda-free 2008 campaign going?

  6. jamiehartke Says:

    I bought a potty seat for Will when he was about Elle’s age…and he never sat on it without a flood of tears. He ended up being trained in about a day around his third birthday, just in time for Josh’s arrival. We actually just made him wear underwear, and that did the trick. (I recommend saving this step for down the road.) But that’s Will (enough said). And he’s a boy – I hear girls are easier. We ended up only using a seat that sits on the big potty, which is nice because you don’t have to clean out the little seat and it doesn’t take up so much room, but is hard because they need major assistance until they’re big enough to climb up there by themselves. I became adept at nursing Josh while helping Will use the bathroom, but I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it!
    The only advice I’d really have on choosing a seat is to make sure it’s comfortable. I chose our first one because of the cartoon character, and later realized that it left marks on Will’s legs – no fun.
    We also watched the video “Once Upon a Potty” (received as a jr high white elephant gift!) which helped him grow more comfortable with the idea. They have one for boys and one for girls.

  7. Tanya Says:

    I’ve used both kinds of seats, the floor and the kind that fit on the potty. I plan on using the kind that sit on the potty for Brooke, like Camryn did. I just always had a little step for her to use. The potty seat ON the toliet are wayyyy easy to clean, flush and the mess is gone!
    I kept a little basket of books next to the potty, it seemed to help them sit a little longer.
    Welcome to toddlerhood!!

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