The Story of Us


Yesterday, Joe & I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. In honor of us, I thought I would share a little of our story.

During the winter for 1998/99, my friend Tim began bringing around his band mate, Joe. I had met Joe several times, he briefly dated my best friend (yeah, I’m that girl that dated her bff’s ex). Tim & Joe began showing up at my house & job more and more often. Tim began to be the “middle man” and chat with each of us separately about each other. This went on for a while, & finally I ended up asking Joe to go shopping with me one evening…sans Tim. We had a great night & he asked if we could get together again the next night. That night, we hung out at our house and looked through “Where’s Waldo” books. I can’t decide if that is cute or lame? About a month later we became an official couple.

At that point, Joe was wrapping up his senior year of high school & I was finishing my freshman year of college. That spring & summer we were inseparable. I loved spending time with his family & he became a daily fixture at my house. He grew up in a house with all girls & really enjoyed be around my brothers. In September of 99 Joe went to school at Greenville College, about 45 minutes from where I was. He came home often, but not often enough for me 🙂 That winter I transfered to Greenville too.

We dated all through college and about 3 years into our relationship began seriously talking about our future. On April 20th, 2002, Joe popped the question. Of course, I said yes & we began to plan our wedding. We had to rush through a lot of the planning because Joe was about to leave to spend the 1st semester of his senior year in Martha’s Vineyard at a music school & I was going to be moving back into my parent’s house while I was student teaching. That semester was probably one of my most stressful times in life (& probably one of the best times in Joe’s). It was very hard to be back home, student teaching, wedding planning, job searching while Joe was “playing rock star” on the east coast. In December everything came together. I found a job, found an apartment for us, finished student teaching (and offically graduated), and Joe came home.

Our wedding was HUGE! Joe & I came from 2 different churches, and my dad was a pastor at ours. We had nearly 500 people at the ceremony. It was a beautiful (but freezing) day. Joe wrote all the music for our ceremony. My Dad performed our ceremony, a ceremony that he wrote specially for us. Our unity candle wouldn’t light, but it entertained everyone. Our wedding reception was great too. We had some musician friends play some jazz music…and now 5 years later Joe is playing in a band with several of those same guys! For our honeymoon we went to NYC. We spend the week at the Waldorf (which was AMAZING) and walked around the city a lot. We saw “Rent” on Broadway, and went to the “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

That’s the abbreviated story of how we became a family.

3 Responses to “The Story of Us”

  1. Ron Says:

    What an amazing story it is. And I was able to watch it unfold exactly as you wrote. Wow. I’m so incredibly grateful for the daughter and son-in-law God has given me. And now little Elle. Kelli, you are living your “love story.” Enjoy it, my daughter. Enjoy every minute of it.

    I love you,

  2. Tanya Says:

    CoNgRaTs on 5 years!!

  3. diehl99 Says:

    I loved reading this…thanks for sharing! We, too, had a HUGE wedding of over 500 people, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

    Happy Anniversary 🙂

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