Getting My Butt in Gear


Today I’m having a little trouble with this. It’s after 10, I’m still in my PJ, Elle is running around the house in only a diaper & the breakfast dishes are still sitting on the table. There is a list of errand a mile long that I need to accomplish before Elle’s nap. Probably not going to happen. Honestly, I think my biggest reason for being lazy is that the #1 errand is to re-new our license plates at the License Bureau (DMV for all those in Illinois). UGH! We only have to go every other year but I dread it like the plague. Although, I must admit, re-newing your plates in MO is much easier than it was in IL.

Also, I have another update that I don’t think I have posted yet. My mom found a job in Ohio! She will be moving next week. Kinda weird to think about, but we are really excited. Thanks to the job, she and Dad will have health insurance which was all they needed to figure out. Well…besides the selling of their house. It’s still on the market & hasn’t had much traffic. It looks like my brother, Chris, will be moving in with us in the middle of February. Elle will love having him around so much.

Ok, I need to get moving!! License Bureau here I come!! Blah…

2 Responses to “Getting My Butt in Gear”

  1. Ron Says:

    Could be worse. Could be Elle moving to Ohio and you running around in a diaper.

    Okay, that made no sense whatsoever.


  2. Katie and Eliot Says:

    12:05, still in pj’s, haven’t even made my list yet, let alone done anything with it. you’re one of us…

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