My dad called me this morning to inform me that yesterday I turned 10,000 days old. I’m not sure why he was figuring out how many days old I am…maybe a weird sermon illustration?? My first thought was, hmmm…that’s odd because I will probably hit the 10,000 hits mark on my blog today. I have been blogging for almost 4 months & I have loved every moment of it. My good friend Sarah Jane just started blogging & isn’t quite ready to tell anyone her blog address yet (I think she might like to tease me b/c they didn’t tell us her baby’s name before she was born either). She said she isn’t’ sure that she is ready to “put herself out there yet.” I had never really thought about blogging like that before. For me it is therapy & I’m always surprised by how many people check out my blog each day to see what is happening in my world. I’m also often surprised by how some of the comments on my blog. I love reading your comments and getting ideas from many of them. Sometimes I want to go and re-write a post when I see reactions so I can better explain myself. More than anything it is incredibly reassuring to read comments from others saying that what I am going through (especially when it comes to parenting) is completely normal. I like being normal 🙂


3 Responses to “10,000”

  1. Ron Says:

    10,000 days. Oddly enough that is also how long your mother was pregnant with you. Seriously. She swears.

    No, I just have this thing on my palm that tells me how many days have passed since major events. Your birth was a major event. Therefore … 10,000 days! Congrats!

    And FYI … I’m 19,205 days old. It’s the 205 that hurts …

  2. Sarah Jane Says:

    See, that’s what I’m attempting…normalcy! I hope the breakdowns subside soon but until then know that I love your snail-like pace!

  3. heather Says:

    I think you seem normal. 🙂

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