Are You Going Through Withdrawls???


It’s been 2 whole day’s since I’ve blogged!  Are you going through withdrawls?  I sure am.  Things have been busy lately & I’ve got a big case of the blahs.  Come back tonight, I’ll write more, I promise. 

I’m praying for a blizzard this afternoon, I want to get home from work safely, stay home for a couple days, eat pancakes for every meal & play outside with Elle 🙂  Here is a picture of us during her 1st snow last winter.



5 Responses to “Are You Going Through Withdrawls???”

  1. Jan Says:

    Of course we missed you! Who is that ROUND little baby you are holding?? :O 😉 My has she change!!!

  2. Ron Says:

    Can you please pray for your blizzard after say … oh …. 6PM? (Unless the default “divert location” for my plane is San Diego. Which I seriously doubt.)

  3. Nicole Says:

    I have wondered where in the heck you’ve been. Glad you’re back! While I want snow for the sake of the boys, I really want to go out for dinner with my friend Heather tonight, so I’m hoping it’s not too bad…

  4. twolinesonastick Says:

    Awww, I bet Elle will love the snow this time! Last time it snowed, Jonathon tried to give Bailey a snowball to play with and she cried 😦 I warned him…

  5. jamiehartke Says:

    Bring on the blizzard! I hope you guys have a fun and cozy weekend!

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