Spring Cleaning



Ok, so I need to clear some space on our book shelf. My plan was to take these books to Good Will…but there were just staring at me in that box giving me a look like “why are you shipping us off, aren’t we good enough?” So I though that if any of you are interested in any of them you could just let me know. Anyway, take a close look at the picture. I will warn you, I went through a faze where I loved me some Chick Lit. Here are some of my favorites that just didn’t make the cut due to lack of space or titles that you can’t really read in the picture:

-Rosie Dunn (hard back)

-Good Grief

-Happiness Sold Seperately

-In Her Shoes

-Belly Laughs

-The Lovely Bones

-The Last Girls

-The Language Police (good read for those educators out there…and it’s hard back!)

-A Walk to Remember

-Tuesday’s with Morrie

-Summer in the City

-Confessions of a Shopaholic

-Raising Blaze

-Hello, My Name is Mommy


9 Responses to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. Ron Says:

    You read “Tuesday’s With Morrie”? It HAD to be a college assignment.

  2. twolinesonastick Says:

    I wouldn’t mind having some of the “chicky” books. I will read pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I bet you didn’t know I was such a dork… or most likely you did, on second thought 🙂

  3. kellimcgill Says:

    Haha, DAD!! Actually, Reda bought Joe, Kristi, Tammy & myself all our own copies of it several years ago 🙂 I even enjoyed it.

    Tara: I’ll bring you some Chic Lit tomorrow night!!

  4. hotomom Says:

    You could try giving them away in a blog book exchange like they do over at http://overwhelmedwithjoy.blogspot.com/, just an idea. Didn’t know if you ever read that blog.

  5. heather Says:

    Oooh, I really want to read The Lovely Bones and Hello, My Name is Mommy…
    I don’t know how practical it is though, to get them from you when we’re on opposite sides of the city. And when you really don’t know me from Jane Doe!

    So funny you’re handing out books… I’ve been doing great book giveaways on my blog lately. I love passing on good reads to others who’ll appreciate them!! Check over there from time to time (there’s always a link in the top of the sidebar) if you want some new reading material!

  6. LaurenE. Says:

    Hi there. Hope you don’t think I’m too stalkerish! Found your blog through your dad’s…who I found bc he cracked me up on the Mamalogues blog.

    I work in a library and we always appreciate donations! If you want to get rid of books that are in good condition, you may want to check out your local library.

  7. kellimcgill Says:

    LaurenE: Thanks for the idea 🙂 I think I’ll do that.

    Heather: I just emailed you, hopefully we can find a way to get the books to you. Love the giveaway idea, I’m going to enter for “The Secret Life of Bee’s”

  8. Ron Says:

    “Tuesday’s With Morrie” depressed me! The guy DIED! I like books with happy endings. Like … oh … “Yertle The Turtle.”

  9. Manda Says:

    Kelli…I would love to take A Walk To Remember off your hands. I love Nicholas Sparks and absolutely love that movie but have never read the book. My mom is actually going to be up in STL visiting my brother, Katie and El this weekend…if you have a chance to get it to Russ and/or Katie she could bring it home with her.

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