Impeccable Timing


Elle has learned how to make our hearts melt at the most opportune moments. We have pretty much been cooped up in the house for nearly a week now & there are been many times where I thought I might lose my mind. Recently she has started to tell Joe & I that she loves us without any prompting. It isn’t something she does too often so when she does it we both turn into puddles. Earlier this morning she was really whiny & I was trying to talk on the phone. Then she continued to accidentally head butt me in the mouth & insisted on my undivided attention. So I got off the phone & and was ready to take her into her room & distract her while I tried to have a few moments to myself. As soon as I hung up the phone, she crawled up on my lap, laid her head on my shoulder, and said, “I love you mommy.”

Last night, again, it had been a long day alone with her in the house. I basically had to wrestle her into the bathtub. Once I got her in I noticed that she has something around her wrist. At some point during the day she had found a pony tail holder & slipped it on her wrist. Nearly every day you can find a pony tail holder on my wrist because my hair has gotten so long. It was just a reminder that she notices things that I would never think she sees. Also, it reminded me that I need to enjoy the fact that she wants to be like me, these days will be gone before I know it.

2 Responses to “Impeccable Timing”

  1. Nicole Says:

    So sweet! Isn’t it amazing how they pick up on the littlest things?

  2. Ron Says:

    Wow. I need me an Elle fix BAD. By the way, do you still wear your underwear backward? I did that one day by mistake and you picked-up on it and started doing it. Joe mentioned recently that you really weren’t past that stage yet. 🙂

    I love you forever,

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