My Guitar Hero


I married an amazing man. He works hard at his job, a job that sometimes isn’t fun. A good part of his day is spent either sitting in meetings or putting out “fires”. He is passionate about music. His guitar holds a very special place in his heart. Song writing keeps him awake at night because he so badly wants to make music that people enjoy. And to top all that off, he is a supportive husband and active father. He pitches every night & I couldn’t ask for more. Well, tonight…let’s just say that Joe went above & beyond the call of duty. We had just finished up dinner (baked spaghetti for those interested in my menu), Joe & Elle went off the bathroom to gets Elle’s bath started & I was cleaning up the dinner mess. As I’m in the kitchen I hear Joe yelling, “She almost went pee in the potty, instead she went pee IN MY HAND!!!” He just happened to take her diaper off at the perfect moment. Joe, I love you!


6 Responses to “My Guitar Hero”

  1. Ron Says:

    HIGH 5 JOE! … NO! WAIT! Just wave.

    Kelli? I thought we were having grilled cheese with ham in it and tomato soup? You ASKED for menu help!

    Did you at least put parmagian cheese in the spaghetti?

  2. mcgilla Says:

    aww a little pee in the hand never hurt anybody. At least she’s not like 9 peeing in her dad’s hand

  3. Ron Says:

    Yeah. Like Mcgilla did.

  4. Dad (Butch) Says:

    Kelli, Joe had a good teacher! And just so you know Mcgilla did not pee in her dad’s hand at 9. Now she did do other things in the bath tub but that is another story!!

  5. Denise Says:

    Kelli, I don’t remember if you were in the youth group or not when the following story happened, but this reminds me of a time when a youth sponsor from FBCB allowed a girl to vomit in his hands at Willow Creek because we couldn’t find a trash can or bathroom in time. And your dad, true to form, related this story to the entire congregation the following Sunday. He finished with this: “So if you see Mike B today, give him a pat on the back. Just don’t shake his hand.”

    Some of this stuff I remember like it was yesterday…

  6. kellimcgill Says:

    Denise: that story was before my time, but boy do i know it! it’s one of dad’s favorites. 🙂

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