Several weeks ago, Chris & Laura spent the weekend at our house. Elle was sick so they came over to watch her so I could go to church/work on Sunday morning. Chris likes to teach Elle things, it’s pretty cute and pretty scary at the same time. That particular weekend, Chris taught Elle how to clear the toys out of her toy cabinet, climb into it, & close the door. She loves it! It isn’t uncommon for me to walk back to her room & find her in the cabinet playing with it’s door closed (in the dark).

Closing herself in:


Playing away:



6 Responses to “Trick”

  1. Ron Says:

    OH MY GOSH. We bought her that for Christmas! I never thought she would actually play IN it. I didn’t even think she would notice it, much less LIKE it! I’m the happiest grandfather in the world! I know complete fulfillment! Okay, not really. But it is pretty cool. (nice going, Chris!)

  2. Nicole Says:

    My brothers always do stuff like this, too. I promise it will get more exciting. They like to teach the boys lines from their favorite movies…they’re always clean, but usually totally off-the-wall.

  3. Kari Says:

    Kids love enclosed spaces don’t they? Hope that thing is bolted to the wall!

  4. laurabell Says:

    if she pinches her fingers remember one thing….Yabbi was against this from the start!

  5. Dad "Butch" Says:

    Just so you know it is definitely in her DNA! Her dad loved to climb up the drawers of his chest of drawers to get on top, climb into kitchen cabinets or the dryer and go to sleep! All in the family!

  6. Amanda Mohr Says:

    I love it. Russ, myself and all of our cousins used to play in a cabinet at my grandmother’s house. We acted like it was a car because there was 2 doors next to each other. Many hours of fun can be had in a cabinet like that.

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