Smelly Feet


Yesterday I got new shoes. I’m really picky when it comes to shoes. I want the perfect shoe for as little money as possible. Last spring I bought these adorable canvas shoes & I ended up wearing them to an early grave. Man, I wore those shoes a lot. Anyway, the past few weeks I have occasionally tried to wear them out…but I couldn’t do it any longer. They look so sad…and they make my feet smell disgusting. Yesterday I wore them to the grocery store and nearly passed out when I kicked them off at home. Ick. So I ended up getting some new ones on sale for $20 at Journeys. I don’t think I like them as much, but I do like them quite a bit.
Bet ya can’t guess which pair are old and which are old 🙂


After purchasing my shoes, Elle & I walked around the mall a bit (because Joe was late to meet us for some Chic-Fil-A). Spring is just around the corner, I like spring…but it does not make me want to dress like a sailor. Why do so many stores sell nautical clothing in the spring?? Nothing against sailors, but I don’t feel the need to look like one while at work, or running errands, or on a night out with my husband.


7 Responses to “Smelly Feet”

  1. Ron Says:

    Yeah, okay. You know this isn’t hart. The pair closest to the camera …. old. I can see your stinky feet prints in them. I like the new shoes best.

    And I do love me some “Chic-Fil-A!

    By the way … the Navy wants to talk to you.

  2. Kelli McGill Says:

    wow, dad…do you just sit on the computer waiting for me to post?? that was quick!

    oh no…I smell poop, gotta go!

  3. mcgilla Says:

    come on you don’t ever want to look like a sailor??? I get the urge at least once every 5 years or so.

  4. beingmade Says:

    My husband IS a sailor and HE doesn’t even want to look like one in spring. 😉

  5. Sarah Jane Says:

    I love your stinky feet! (in a non-homo way of course…)

  6. laurabell Says:

    i have those shoes….and they do stink. i’m thinking about throwing mine in the washer and seeing if that helps for the 08 spring season. i just love em!

  7. kellimcgill Says:

    I washed mine several times…didn’t help.

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