Dashing Through The Snow…


It’s snowing!! We didn’t get as much at our house an many further south & east got, we probably have 5 inches. I just finished shoveling the driveway (I’m a stud, I know…shoveling despite strep throat…maybe some would consider that more stupid than studdish). Anyway, I just wanted to post a picture of it so Joe could see my pretty driveway. Every time it snows, I always want to shovel but end up quitting & having Joe finish.



6 Responses to “Dashing Through The Snow…”

  1. Ron Says:

    Strep throat + snow + shovel = dame bramage. I mean, brain damage.

    Hey! Isn’t that my Trail Blazer???? Why didn’t you brush it off? Geez!

  2. Jan Says:

    We got 9+ inches I think. I’m heading out to shovel it before Bill gets home. If he gets home. The interstates are a mess so maybe he can find a cot there at the work site. 😉

    Our driveway is long and the garage enters from the back of the house so I’ve got a lot of square footage to shovel. We’ll see if I actually finish all of it.

  3. Dad "Butch" Says:

    Are you sure you want to be called a “STUD”? How are you feeling? How’s our Elle?

  4. twolinesonastick Says:

    Way to go! I think we got around 8 inches here. I did not attempt to shovel 😦

  5. Katie Says:

    What in the world? You’re nuts!

  6. Kelli Says:

    Hey Kelli! Sorry you’re sick. I just started reading your blog recently and it’s so fun to keep up with what’s going on day to day since our conversations are usually so brief on Sundays! Hope you feel better!

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