Inside My Head


Thoughts bouncing around in my head tonight:

  • I haven’t been a fan of American Idol for several years. Don’t really know why, I just got bored I think. I tend to be a little ADD & watching the same thing over & over for an hour 3 nights a weeks got a little old. However, I L.O.V.E Project Runway! I almost always have to watch the re-aired episodes on Thursday nights because it originally airs on Wednesdays & I have Jr High. I just watched the season finale & was so glad that Christian won. Kevin was my favorite from the beginning but got “‘aufed” mid-way. Christian soon won me over, he is so talented (although a tad annoying but you just end up laughing at his ridiculousness). I don’t think that in all the seasons I have ever favored a girl designer. Hmmm. Kristi, this is for you.
  • ellipsis tend to be over/misused. I use them incorrectly all the time…but I find them addicting…so there.
  • Last night Elle actually said “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda, yadda.” Where in the world did she learn that?
  • Tomorrow night I get to hang out with 3 of my favorite ladies (SJ, A, & L).
  • About this time last year, I decided to start scrapbooking. I wanted to have Elle’s first year album completed by her birthday party at the end of May. I got it done & loved doing it. I would love to do the same for this year…but I have done a single page since her last album!! Anyone want to be my scrapping buddy & light a fire under me? Scrapping is so much more fun when you do it with someone.

3 Responses to “Inside My Head”

  1. mcgilla Says:

    best sister in law ever! however i feel like you could have given me like the rest of the show!

  2. Ron Says:

    Kelli. I have two words for you. “Red Box.”

  3. Hollie Says:

    I “heart” project runway, I am bummed it’s over. I looked forward to it every week. I also love scrapbooking. I do it whenever I get the chance.

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