The Proof Is In The Hair


My dog is better at predicting weather than most meteorologist. I just finished vacuuming the floor & had to empty the canister once in the middle & once upon finishing (and no, it hadn’t been weeks since I last vacuumed). And I even didn’t vacuum Elle’s room yet because she is napping. Spring is coming…Rigby’s shedding patterns prove it! Rig & I just came inside from giving her a good brushing with the furminator. Hair was practically pouring off of her (btw, I highly recommend this dog brush. It’s amazing)! She is part lab, part husky & very hairy. Anyway, my point…spring will be here soon, I better get going on those workouts.



2 Responses to “The Proof Is In The Hair”

  1. Dad "Butch" Says:

    So Kelli I am telling all my friends Spring is on the way, just around the corner, ……Here? How do I know My daughter in law says her dog (Rigby) said so!!

  2. kellimcgill Says:

    Rig is a very smart dog!!

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