UPDATED!! Unca Chris


Last night one of my favorite people in the world moved into my basement! Chris/Topher (you’ll hear me refer to him as both) decided that since mom & dad turned off the cable/internet at their house (that is still for sale…they are both in Cleveland now) that he would live with us until his wedding in October. It really stinks for Laura, but I am so excited to have him here. Elle gets so silly every time he enters the room. In honor of him moving in I thought it would be fun to post some random pictures of him.


  • Dad, I’m looking for the picture of Chris & I on vacation on Mad. Island. We were at dinner & the is licking my face & my eyes are about to pop out of my head. If you have it can you email it to me??
  • Scott, watch out…your post is coming next time you come to town…hehehe.
  • Laura, if you don’t come over often…I will take it personally. You’re welcome here ANYTIME.

This pic is of Chris & I one year while he was in HS (I was in college). He was about to go to prom.

Here is a Woods family classic! Straight from 1990! Ummm…Mom, thanks for dressing me like that.


Who knows…but I do remember him making that face a lot.


I’ve posted this pic before but I love it. Chris, Elle, & Scott screaming “ALABAMA”. Scott was singing “Sweet Home Alabama” to Elle a good part of that evening. She adores her “uncas”.


Again another pic I’ve posted, but I don’t have too many of him with Laura. Aren’t they a gorgeous couple! They will make me some cute nieces and nephews someday.


This picture perfectly describes Joe & Chris’s relationship. Joe never had any brothers growing up. He is very excited that Chris, along with his xbox 360 & rockband, moved in last night.


UPDATE: A few more pics from Dad. This first one perfectly describes Chris.


This was his signature hair for awhile, the faux-hawk.


And the picture you have all been waiting for…I could have sworn he was licking my face, hmmmm.



10 Responses to “UPDATED!! Unca Chris”

  1. Ron Says:

    I’m so glad that he is there with you guys. I know that “family house” had to be very lonely without the “family” part in it. And I just KNOW he’ll be a wealth of knowledge and information for Elle! I mean, who else would stick frozen waffles to their boxers?

  2. Nicole Says:

    Kelli – Love the 90’s hair and outfit! Elle’s going to have so much fun with an uncle in the house…Matt also grew up without brothers and loved having mine live with us!

  3. mcgilla Says:

    i believe that is my favorite gap tank in two of those pics…. i totally still have a couple…. i’m a survivor…. or my tanks are anyway

  4. Jan Says:

    His moving in will create memories and family stories for years and years to come! What fun!

    My youngest brother is named Chris and he makes those same faces. In fact, I think he wore those same glasses. Hmmm….

  5. Ron Says:

    From Mom

    I made you that jumper and I made me one just like it.

    Sorry I thought it was cute still DO

  6. kellimcgill Says:

    Kristi: The 1st pic is that lovely, lovely gap tank. Common Gap, make those again!! I would buy them in every color, I’m not even kidding.

  7. Ron Says:

    Hey, I think Laura does that when Chris kisses her too!

  8. laurabell Says:

    don’t worry Kel…I’ll be taking up space on your couch soon this week is improbable…but probably next! keep it warm for me.

  9. Scott Says:

    Amanda and I will be moving in next week. Hope you have enough coco-motion.

  10. Ron Says:

    I just quit my job. Mom and I are coming to live with you. Hope that’s okay!


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