Oh Where Is My Roommate?


This afternoon my college roommate is coming!! I am so excited. Jaycie and I grew up together, worked at Bath & Body Works together, and roomed together in college. She is one of my closest friends. Today she & her family (Andy, Bella, & Gwynnie) are heading to STL and will be making a brief pit stop at Hotel McGill. Oh do I have some fun stories I could post (hmmm…maybe I’ll have a chance to post some tomorrow). Anyway, her girls at 5 & 2 so Elle will have a fun 24 hrs.

Here is a pic of us together last summer (I think). I’m being all gang’sta (because let’s face it…I’m am gang’sta) and Jaycie is searching for something.



5 Responses to “Oh Where Is My Roommate?”

  1. Ron Says:

    You are a gang’sta. YOU are a gang’sta. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


    Well, of course you are, sweet heart. You are very much a gang’sta. And I’m so proud of you for it.

    Oh, have you picked up my new rap CD yet?

    Buff Daddy

  2. Scott Says:

    did he say “Buff Daddy?”
    We are way too white.

    I hope Jaycie found what she was looking for.

  3. kellimcgill Says:

    Every time I leave a message on Jace’s answering machine I want to sing “Oh Where is My Hairbrush” from VeggieTales…but insert Roommate where Hairbrush goes. Witty, huh?

    Oh where is my roommate
    Oh where is my roommate
    Oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh wherreeee
    Is my roommate!

  4. Two Lines On a Stick Says:

    Have fun!

  5. topher Says:

    BTW… you are the whitest MO’FO in the world

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