Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail…


Last night we kicked off our Easter festivities with the McGill family in Illinois. Elle & her cousin, Logan (4), literally ate a ton of sugar, played with a real bunny rabbit, and searched for eggs. The two of them absolutely adore each other. I never had cousins close by growing up, so I love that she and Logan are so close. Today we had church, ate some Taco Bell for lunch (last year we had White Castle for lunch on Easter), Elle is currently napping, & soon we will be trekking back to Illinois for dinner with my family & Joe’s mom & step-dad.

Ready for church on Easter morning…it was SNOWING outside! Doesn’t she look all grown up?? Ugh. Oh and the bow in her hair lasted for about 45 minutes, a new record!


Eagerly waiting to begin the hunt.


Searching for eggs.


Checking out their loot.


3 Responses to “Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail…”

  1. mcgilla Says:

    they are super cute… looks like fun!! And with the bow in her hair… it looks like her “bangs” are being pulled back and that she has a bunch of hair int he front… at least in the picture it’s visually fooling… keep up the good work!

  2. Ron Says:



  3. Tiffany Says:

    Our kids are so cute! I visited to show my student teacher a picture of Elle and found Logan too! I should start one of these.


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