Elle has yet another double ear infection. That is 2 in one month! Actually, her doc suspects that it may be that the 1st infection didn’t clear up totally. Anyway in honor of a double ear infection, a tired mom due to running Hotel McGill this week (we have housed 6 extra people in the last 4 days) , & an absent Dad (he was only home 2 days this week due to band stuff (& 1 of those days we where on our date night))…Elle & I are staying home all day & being really lazy.

Elle confused her yellow crayon for lip gloss I wonder what she confused for a hairbrush?




2 Responses to “la-la-la-lazy”

  1. tiffykay Says:

    I once confused my lipstick with a green crayon. It was last week after staying up all night blogging.

  2. Judy Says:

    Once I confused Ben-Gay for toothpaste. NOT GOOD!! The same thing happened the Preparation-H. Don’t ask!!!

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