Excuse Me, Ma’am. I Think You’re Going A Little Too Fast


I’m having one of those moments where I get freaked out by all that Elle is doing. How can she possibly be turning 2 in just 2 short months? She is currently sitting next to me on the couch watching a full length movie (not one of those segmented short toddler flicks, no she’s too mature for that). Last night she asked for a pillow in her crib . I gave her a pillow but took it out of her bed when I was heading to bed myself, I’m not sure why I took it out but in my head she is too small for a pillow. Actually, we have recently caught her trying to lift her leg over the top of her crib, so I’m not sure how much longer the crib will even be around. Her vocabulary blows me away everyday. She is using 6+ word sentences. Joe is sure to have her reciting all of the Cardinal players & their positions by the end of the week (he used to try to teach me that every year, but I’m happy to pass that trick off to Elle). Lip gloss has become a new obsession, and as you saw over the weekend, if the is not lip gloss accessible she will substitute for a yellow crayon. The lip gloss addiction just reminds me that I need to enjoy the toddler years, before I know it she will be 16 years old & asking for my car keys. Slow down little girl!!


One Response to “Excuse Me, Ma’am. I Think You’re Going A Little Too Fast”

  1. Ron Says:

    They don’t slow down, dear daughter. They speed up. 🙂

    You have an awesome daughter and you are awesome parents!

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