Contol Freak


Ok, I need some ideas from you mommas out there that have more experience than I. The task of brushing Elle’s teeth is becoming more and more of a power struggle. Any tips? She does a great job brushing the front teeth by herself, but simply making a “brushing noise” when she attempts to brush the back (I’m not sure the brush even touches her teeth). It’s funny, but not very effective. If Joe & I try to help out, she freaks (I know what you’re think, “no child of Kelli’s would ever freak out or be controlling.” It was a surprise to me as well).

Any tips?



10 Responses to “Contol Freak”

  1. kellimcgill Says:

    Dad & Scott…I’m waiting with bated breath to see your comments. Go ahead, lay it on me…

  2. Ron Says:

    Easy. The “Rug Doctor” has an attachment for this very purpose. It comes with the extra added benefit of steam cleaning her tongue.

  3. Jan Says:

    No suggestions. Sorry. We started our girls out (when they were younger than Elle) by us brushing their teeth and then when we were done they could brush their own teeth as much as they like. That was the deal but it was the that way from the start — not something we had to implement to solve a problem.

  4. Nicole Says:

    I think it was Luke who, at one point, resisted letting a grown-up take a turn with teeth brushing (though we started out with both of the boys the way Jan did with her kids). I think I made him sing through the ABCs twice while he brushed, and then it was my turn. Maybe you could play a song or sing one for Elle’s turn, and then it’s yours….?

  5. Scott Says:

    You don’t have to brush all your teeth…You only have to brush the ones you want to keep. However, she will be losing all those teeth. So in my opinion…no worries.

  6. topher Says:

    sooooo….. you don’t want to hear my comments…. I’M MOVING OUT OF YOUR BASEMENT!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ron Says:

    Since Topher is moving out of your basement, can I move in? I’ll even force-brush Elle’s teeth. For free. Well, for free rent.

  8. tiffykay Says:

    Well, after working at a dentist office for a year, it is definately not a good idea to take Scott’s advice. Baby teeth will rot to the root and discolor rot the adult teeth too. (I have seen one too many kids coming in screaming with their teeth rotted completely out in excruciating pain.) We took Logan to Wal-MArt (his favorite place) and let him pick out an electric toothbrush. He loved picking it out and liked the “tickling” feeling in his mouth. We talked it up like crazy that he was so big for using a big-kid toothbrush. The rules for using it were that he had to let us go first, then he would get a chance. The moving bristles tend to get to the tougher places and they will also help Elle do it herself more effectively if she still insists on brushing by herself. It might work, it might not. It worked for Logan and what’s 5 bucks for trying if it saves her from rotting teeth?? Worst case: Joe gets a new Dora toothbrush to take to his next gig! I hope this helps!

  9. Tim Says:

    Get all her teeth removed and simply insert baby dentures. Problem solved. I believe a certain man named Larry Crocker could fit you with a pair. Please note the sarcasm rolling off my fingers…

  10. Denise Says:

    Sorry, I don’t have much advice for this one but I wanted to say that that pic of Elle with this post is perfect!

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