This morning we were running late in getting out the door. So, I decided that instead of being any later that Elle & I would run through the drive thru at Mickey D’s and get her some breakfast. She ate a McGriddle-cake in her car seat. This conversation happened in the car in the way home at 3:30.

Elle: “Yum, Mom, I want more pancake.”

Me: looking at her in my rear-view mirror “What are you chewing?”

Elle: “My pancake”

Me: “Elle! Where did you find that pancake?”

Elle: “Saved it in my car seat!! It good.”

Me: “You sound really proud of yourself…but let’s not do that again. It’s gross.”

Elle” “Yeah, it gross”


3 Responses to “Ick!”

  1. Ron Says:

    At least it was the same day. I could tell stores about MY kids …

  2. Nicole Says:

    This made me laugh out loud. I love that she proudly told you that she saved some of it!

  3. Jan Says:

    The girls and I had a good laugh at this one! And at least it’s not like the last time you told her *something* was gross and she said, “No Mom. It’s good!” 😉

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