Can I, Can I, Can I…


Oh dear, I think I may loose my mind! Elle has entered the dreaded toddler stage that requires her to talk at all times. Her big thing right now is, “Can I _____________, Mommy?” Yesterday it was, “Can I lick my cup, Mommy?” Then, “Can I put my cup in my mouth, Mommy?” This conversation actually happened in our house this morning:

Elle: “Elle’s pen!”

Me: “Oh” (leave me alone, it was early I wasn’t up for conversing yet)

Elle: “Can I draw in the door, Mommy?”

Me: “No”

Elle: really loud fake cry

Joe: “Elle, we don’t draw on doors”

Elle: stops crying instantly (as if she suddenly “gets” it, maybe she hadn’t considered that before)

I may loose my mind…I keep telling myself that it will only get worse when she understands that thing happen for a reason & she needs to ask “why”.


7 Responses to “Can I, Can I, Can I…”

  1. joe Says:

    actually, she didn’t stop crying until i said, “crying isn’t going to make us change our mind.” she’s so results oriented…i love it.

  2. Ron Says:

    Don’t worry. I’ll fix her for you. Just send her on up. (She can draw on my doors. It’s a rental…)

  3. heather Says:

    We are in the middle of the WHY phase now… God help us!

  4. Nicole Says:

    I have two incessant talkers, so since Luke was about 2, I’ve been living this all day long. There are lots of times I catch myself saying, “uh-huh, OK,” and then wonder what the heck I just told them they could do. They even have to do play-by-play of what they do on the Wii. It makes me crazy.

  5. tiffykay Says:

    I thought Logan would grow out of the “why” phase. Turns out it doesn’t go away until they move out of the house. Enter the “Because I said so!” phase. In fact… as I am typing this, I am using it on Logan who whined “WHY??” After I told him he couldn’t climb on the kitchen counters.

  6. Jan Says:

    Oh dear, this phase of parenting can drive a good mommy and daddy to the looney bin.

    Elle is just trying to communicate with you about her world. She wants to talk about what she sees and experiences. She wants to talk to YOU! How awesome is THAT??? Ok, well it may not feel too awesome right now when the talking seems incessant and the “whys” are tallying in the triple digits each day. But remember that she is watching you listen. She is watching how you treat the things that are interesting to her. Right now that frankly doesn’t sound all that neat, does it. But she will grow up having seen that you really listen when she needs to talk. When she is older you are going to WANT her to want to talk to you. How you listen now just may determine whether she feels like taking the time to talk to you at those times later.

    Ok, I certainly feel like the blue-haired lady in the room. I never ever meant this to come off preachy. 😦

  7. Denise Says:

    Just wait until she gets to the phase in which she asks “why”

    and you answer her

    and then she tells you you’re wrong.

    That’s where we are with Grace right now.

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