Speaking Of…


As long as we are on the topic of having things written on for us. Every single one of you need to click here and to go the brand new website for Fundamental Elements. They have the new site up and running.  One the upper right hand side in a little gray box that says music. 3 of the 4 songs there are on their new album. The 2nd song is called “That Girl.” Joe may kill me for writing this, but it is a song that he wrote for Elle. I know…too cute, right!? Normally he doesn’t start conversations with telling people what his songs are about because it’s kinda cool for the music to mean different things to different people (or something like that).

But seriously, it’s a great song (as are all 4 of the songs on there). If hearing those songs doesn’t make you become a FE fan, your ears must be broken or something real sad like that.


10 Responses to “Speaking Of…”

  1. Nicole Says:

    LOL at your last comment! We’re looking forward to the show on the 23rd!

  2. jimbarnard Says:

    i am digging the new music. the elle song is alisha’s favorite. i can’t stop listening to the “slow” song on the disc joe gave me. I don’t know the title- maybe “have we gone too far?” or the “stop song”.

  3. Ron Says:

    I love the FE’s. Does that mean my ears are okay?

  4. Ron Says:

    And FYI, it’s going to take a disaster of MAJOR PROPORTIONS to keep me away from hearing my son-in-law’s band at Busch Stadium.

  5. mcgilla Says:

    i already knew it was elle’s song…. and it’s my favorite.

  6. heather Says:

    Oh, I already liked that song, and I just listened to it again, now being in on the “secret”, and it made it even a thousand times better! So, so cool!
    It is a great song. How lucky is she to have her daddy to write songs about her?!!

    We’re looking forward to the upcoming shows!

  7. Manda Says:

    I loved the song…it does make it more special to listen to knowing that Joe wrote that for Elle!!! But, I have to say I would have liked it anyway…I am kind of bias!!! I do love my big brother!!!

  8. Scott Says:

    Joe told me it was for me…but much like the story in the book (see next blog). He had to change some things so people wouldn’t catch on. Like instead of “That Brother” he changed it to “That Girl.”
    I guess he is just trying to confuse everybody. Good work Joe…I don’t think they are catching on.

  9. Jan Says:

    Ok so wait. I thought the new CD hadn’t come out yet. If it’s out where can I get a copy? Fathers’ Day is coming…

  10. kellimcgill Says:

    They are pre-releasing 100 copies at Agape this weekend…but the rest aren’t available until May 23rd (I’ll send one home with Rebecca that night:)). Everyone else knows their stuff b/c they’ve been playing them at shows for months.

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