One For The Record Books


Yesterday on the way home from work at 4:30, Joe mentioned that he wanted Mexican for dinner. I suggested going straight to the restaurant before going home, thinking that it would get crazy a little later due to the fact that is was Cinco De Mayo. He was all, “Whatever, we’re going to be there eating with the senior citizens.” I told him that I thoughtit would get pretty crazy later & I was just trying to be logical. He said ok but thought I was overreacting, and we went straight to El Magey. It was pretty nuts there, by the time we were leaving there were people gathering waiting to talk to the hostess, let alone get a table. Now, for the amazing part, without any prompting or “I told you sos” on my part…Joe said I was right! He agreed that coming straight from work what the smart thing. If you know Joe, he NEVER admits defeat. I was giddy & asked for it in writing. So he did this:

Immediately after handing this to me I said, “I’m blogging this baby!”


13 Responses to “One For The Record Books”

  1. Ron Says:

    better laminate that.

  2. Jan Says:

    You two are so cute. 🙂

  3. Kari Says:

    He’s up against you and Elle. With two women in the house his defeat is inevitable! Better he gets it in little doses like this. It will prepare him for later.

  4. tiffanynevil Says:


  5. Ron Says:

    you blew you nose with it, didn’t you….

  6. Scott Says:

    I wasn’t in the mood for Mexican yesterday…thought you might want to know.
    But I did have Chinese for lunch today. So that was fun.

  7. Alisha Says:

    I love it!!!! Frame it!

  8. Nicole Says:

    That was beautiful.

  9. Ron Says:

    Chinese for lunch, Scott? Cinco de Rice-o?

  10. jimbarnard Says:

    scott hates chinese.
    joe? admit he was wrong? i think the band is making him soft!

  11. Ron Says:

    No. Scott likes that one chinese place in East Alton. The one that serves horrible food and only cleans the tables on Chinese New Years. He doesn’t know that they scrape the flavoring from underneath the tables and sprinkle it on … everything.

  12. jimbarnard Says:

    ron- ok, this memory is really vague… but we went lunch at that chinese restaurant with the bleach blonde/cross-in-the-hair speaker that would come to fbc once a year… he punk’d me there by telling me some story or something. do you remember that? all i remember is that it was awesome or that it was frustrating. it was one or the other. i sure hope you remember this.

  13. Blogging You, Scott « Kellogues Says:

    […] One year ago today Joe told me something that he had never told me before…and has never said since. He said, “You were right, I was wrong.” I remembered that he said this and when he said this, but I couldn’t remember why. But that’s why I love blog archives. […]

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