My Knight In Shinning Armor


Today I am truly grateful that Joe was home last night. Not because there was a jar of spaghetti sauce that I could not open. Not because I couldn’t reach the top shelf of the cabinet. Not because he took over parenting responsibilities for the evening. (Btw, he didn’t do any of those things.) You see, last night my dog killed a adorable innocent bunny. She brought it to the back door to show us. She had completely torn the poor bunny apart. It wasn’t pretty, in fact it was quite bloody. If it had been a weekend when Joe was traveling I’m not quite sure what I would have done. Disposing of a dead bunny is NOT something that I could have done.

Oh, and if you are at my house anytime soon…you may not want to let Rigby give you any kisses.


3 Responses to “My Knight In Shinning Armor”

  1. Ron Says:

    Oh man. This is so much like the “Salt” or “Pepper” incident with Bear. (Can’t remember which.) Except that with Bear it was a “death by caring” rather than raw murder. Still, you guys pretty much freaked. I’m glad Joe was there. I can’t picture you presiding over the funeral of “Little Rabbit Foo-Foo.”

    So. Are we having wabbit stew for supper?

  2. Kelli Says:

    I believe this is the 4th rabbit that Rigby has killed (including several baby bunnys that were still in their little hole in the ground).

  3. Ron Says:

    Well. She’s a hunting dog. She’s just doing her job. That’s why Bailey was always howling and drooling in the backyard. It’s the nature of the beast. Hey, Joe has to play guitar, Kelli has to watch “The Gilmore Girls,” Elle has to ask “Whatch doing?,” and Rigby has to chase wild life. If those things ever stop the sky will most certainly fall. 🙂

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