It’s My Day Off…I’m Catching Up On Blogging


Sleeping in her Big Girl Bed. She has made the transition sooo smoothly. Doesn’t she look so old with a quilt on her bed!?

My mother’s day flowers. They are still looking pretty good…gotta love Trader Joe’s!



8 Responses to “It’s My Day Off…I’m Catching Up On Blogging”

  1. titus2v5 Says:

    She is a cutie-pa-tutie!

  2. Nicole Says:

    1. Am I first?

    2. She does look like a big girl sleeping in her bed!

    3. Love TJ’s flowers. They’re the best.

    4. Does she get herself stuck often? My boys used to get themselves stuck in the railing between our kitchen and living room…not fun trying to remove them.

  3. kellimcgill Says:

    sorry Nicole 😦 there was one waiting to be moderated, you did however beat my dad & isn’t that really what is important!!

  4. jmlange13 Says:

    Kelli, your dad is apparently going to new heights trying to fling that baseball into a Great Lake. We could probably stage a blogging rave out here in the comments section today before he gets back. 🙂

  5. Ron Says:

    So H-O-M-E S-I-C-K!!!!! Even Nicole beat me. But I was busy throwing baseball’s off the roof of my apartment building. Film at 11.

  6. mcgilla Says:

    is she really stuck? i hope so… that makes it so much better that you are taking pictures instead of helping her out…. it reminds me of the day she was born when your husband and i squished her nose and her cheeks to make her look like a cabbage patch doll.

  7. kellimcgill Says:

    funny that I wasn’t aware of that story Kristi 🙂

  8. Ron Says:

    I remember that! Joe let me take her down to the vending machine room too. I put her on top of the Coke machine while I went for change. When I got back a little girl had her and was burping her. I traded my Coke to get her back ’cause the girl was trying to invoke the “finders/keepers clause.”

    Joe is so much fun!

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