Speaking of Embarrassing Moments


Yesterdays post reminded me of a hilarious/slightly embarrassing moment that I had with Elle a few months ago. It was a Sunday morning & Elle had been borderline sick that weekend. Sick enough that I didn’t feel like I should put her in the nursery at church but not sick enough to merit staying home. I was feeling brave so I decided to take her with me to Quest (which is our contemporary service). It is quite a bit more laid back than our other service. The music is loud so she would be less likely to disturb anyone at least during the 1st part of the service. She did great. She was dancing on the floor next to me, not bothering a soul.

The music ended then a video started rolling. Elle sat on my lap very quietly for the entire video. It was a pretty intense video on genocide in Uganda. After the video the room was silent because everyone was absorbing the seriousness of the video…there is a short pause…and then…Elle starts clapping loudly and shouts “YAAAAAY!!!” Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when a movie ends, even genocide movies??? It lightened the mood a little, you could hear snickering everywhere.


4 Responses to “Speaking of Embarrassing Moments”

  1. Ron Says:

    I certainly don’t think she would be in favor of genocide in Uganda. So let’s chalk it up to … uh … Uncle Topher. Yup. Uncle Topher has finally reached his warped tentacles into her little mind!


  2. Katie Says:

    You’re killing me.

  3. mcgilla Says:

    i think we watched that same video in chapel last semester…. i’m pretty sure we had a random YAY from the crown too…. hmmm.

  4. jimbarnard Says:

    i’m so glad that you told that story! it was one of the funniest things ever. I wanted cheer with her, but of course that isn’t appropriate for an adult… she is so lucky.

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