Semi-Wordless Weekend


So, it’s a busy weekend for our fam. I thought I would just post some pictures on this post as the weekend goes along. Check back often…oh, and if you use some type a “reader” (like google reader) it won’t let you know when I put more pics up because I’ll just update this one…so you’ll have to go old school and check yourself. Happy Memorial Day weekend, Friends!

Fundies Undies: Elisa, me, Sheri, Katie, Jessica

After the CD Release Party. Back row: Jessica & Dustin (Keys), Russ (Vocal) & Katie, Front Row: Joe (Guitar) & me, Luke (Drums) & Sheri, Mark (Bass) & Elisa

Elle was trying to block me from getting the shower this morning. She really wanted to read that book.


What you couldn’t see in our Self-Portrait!

Things got a little out of control when we were making fondant.

Climbing a tree with PawPaw.

A belly full of ice cream & a game of chess with Bean. Life is good!

My brothers at Olive Garden. Scott’s in town, I haven’t seen him since Christmas! I missed him.

Scott & Amanda couldn’t wait to give her birthday present. She got this really big cool slide. It has a little pool that goes at it’s base & the trunk blows water up like a sprinkler. Our family was given 2 rules regarding present for Elle 1.) No stuffed animals (she has 9 zillion) 2.) Nothing large. We’re off a great start at following the rules.


3 Responses to “Semi-Wordless Weekend”

  1. Ron Says:


  2. Kari Says:

    As well you should, Ron. They are sweeties!

  3. Nicole Says:

    Love the self-portrait. Matt and I tried to take one in the car after leaving the show the other night (reminiscent of many we’d taken in the past) and they did NOT turn out. Don’t think I’ll be posting them. Can’t wait to hear about how the cake turned out!

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