Happy Birthday Elle


Elle turned 2 at 11:45 this morning. It is kind of odd to think that 2 years ago our lives were completely different and we were trying to figure out exactly what to do with a little baby. It’s gone buy so quickly & I know that it is only going to speed up from here.

Yesterday we had our family over for a celebration. And today I took the day off work & my parents & I took her to Grant’s Farm (it started raining as we were walking to our car, perfect timing). We wrapped up our morning with lunch at Chick-Fil-A…come on what more could a little girl want!!

Well, here is the finished product. I’m not completely happy with it…but for my first time making fondant & my first time making a tiered cake…it ain’t bad. I learned a lot…about what I should have done & what I won’t do again. Joe helped a lot. He made the bees (twix, marshmallows, & icing) and piped the icing around the base of each layer.

My brother Scott…this pictures doesn’t need any explanation besides it’s just Scott!

Laura was able to come even though she had surgery on Friday! She’s such a trooper.

Elle & Logan (her only cousin) played in her sprinkler. Logan, however, didn’t expect to be getting wet so he didn’t come prepared…so he stripped down to his undies & jumped in the water.


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Elle”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Happy Birthday, Elle! She’s so cute in her little swimsuit 🙂

  2. heather Says:

    Happy Birthday Elle!
    The cake looks great Kelli!!
    (and by the way, I’ve been meaning to tell you that everytime I see a pic of you on here now I think to myself, gosh she looks cute with that new hair! So I thought I should finally tell you yourself… love the darker hair on you Kelli!!)

  3. Nicole Says:

    Yes, love the darker hair, too.

    I came back b/c I forgot to comment on how cute the cake turned out!

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