Love At First Sight


Mom forced me to go to Pier 1 with her tonight. I fought her and said, “NO, I hate that store!” Ok, so that wasn’t exactly how it went down…but it was her idea. The moment we walked into the store, my eye’s locked on a beautiful sight. It called me to it…we were meant to be together.

I heart you, table runner (aka race track for cars).


4 Responses to “Love At First Sight”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I was just there last night and found a frillion things I “needed.” I only got one…something decorative for my kitchen. Oh, how I love Pier One!

  2. mcgilla Says:

    i wish i had a racing strip as cool as yours

  3. jimbarnard Says:

    we were there tonight too. i was hoping alisha wouldn’t see that.
    great now i am going to have to keep her away from your blog too.

  4. Ron Says:

    Forget the table runner. Where do I get the cars?

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