To Speak Or Not To Speak


So I always feel really awkward when I take Elle to get her pictures taken at a professional studio. I never know quite how much I need to do. Do I get down there and help the photographer or do I lay back & let them do their job? No one has really come out and told me what is best. Sometimes I almost wonder if I should stand just around the corner from where they are & just listen. Anyone else feel that way when you take your kids in?

Yesterday my mom & I took Elle to get her 2 year portraits taken. Elle stared off strong & quickly took a nose dive. It was obvious that she is 2! It didn’t help matters that the photographer has exactly one trick up her sleeve. She kept pretend that she was going to tickle Elle feet. Literally, she did that 50 times. After the 4th time, Elle was like…”yeah right lady, you need to pull a different trick out of your bag.”

But of course she ended up getting about 500 gorgeous shots & I needed about 3 hours to talk myself out of buying every one of them.


3 Responses to “To Speak Or Not To Speak”

  1. Ron Says:

    Elle’s too stinken smart. I’m betting that SHE was playing her own tricks on the photographer. Does she have her own blog yet? I’m betting what comes out of that little brain would be priceless!

  2. mcgilla Says:

    when do i get to see pictures?

  3. Tammy Says:

    can’t wait to see them

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