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Around The House

Monday, June 30, 2008

I thought that this week I’d do a whole post of just different spots around our house…spots that make me smile when I see them.

This is our little “music station” in the living room. (FYI: big ipod=Joe & little ipod=me) We have declared this week “The Week of John Mayer.” If you didn’t know we are pretty big fans of Mr Mayer. His new DVD comes out Tuesday & Thursday we are going to his concert. “The Week of John Mayer” means that we ONLY listen to John Mayer all week. We are going to shuffle his music to get revved up for the show.

Pretty Lily’s I picked from the flower garden over grown weed box in our back yard. They are pretty much the only healthy thing growing in our back yard.

Elle has transitioned from a diaper bag to a backpack this weekend. I have fallen in love with this apple bag! I hung a little hook on the wall next to the door leading to the garage so she can grab it on her way out & hang it up when we get home. She enjoyed practicing putting it up on the hook this evening.

In celebration of her diaper bag graduation I am currently carrying a teeny wristlet!! Woo Hoo!!

This stuff kept me healthy last weekend. No pinkeye for me. Thanks, Purell.

Elle’s 2 year photo shoot pictures.

These picture are hanging next to our front door. I keep thinking that I should update the picture of Elle, but I can’t make myself do it. I especially love the yawning picture on the bottom. Anyway, every time I see all 4 of these pictures it reminds me how quickly time goes by. It helps me to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment.

So, now I’m thinking that you all need to do a similar post on your blogs & link to the post in the comments here so we can all visit. Get to it…


Gasp! Not MY Child!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

This morning we were at church early (as always) so Joe & I could get stuff done before our volunteers began arriving. Elle was playing in one of the nursery rooms as I was gathering some curriculum in that same room. She picked up a play phone and said “You’re an idiot.” And slammed the phone down!!

Those words have not come out of Joe’s mouth or mine. It looks like we’re going to have to start censoring television that is on when she is present.

Elle & I immediately had a little chat about what words are nice to say and what isn’t nice to say. I’m sure this will be followed up with many more of these chats.

Ugh, here we go. I”m just glad I was the only other person in the room when she decided to pull out this phrase, although I need to prepare myself because I’m sure that won’t always be the case.

Escalator Spinning

Friday, June 27, 2008

Some of you may have seen this on Joe’s site…but if you don’t frequent his site you MUST click here.



I’m Losing It

Thursday, June 26, 2008

This past year (I could be wrong…maybe this has been an issue my entire life…Joe, let me know if I’m wrong) I have had a SERIOUS issue with losing my keys. This isn’t just a weekly issue, this isn’t just a daily issue, this is nearly an hourly issue.

It happens with my work keys and my home/car keys. The funny frustrating part is, 90% of the time they are in one of three places: my purse, the diaper bad, or my pocket. Those are ALWAYS the first places I look…usually by the 3rd time I look there I find them. Although, on Tuesday night I actually left them at the restaurant we were at. And last week I randomly put my keys in my desk drawer (I have no idea why).

Every time it happens, Joe gives me this look. And I automatically start laughing & say, “I KNOW, I DON’T DO THIS ON PURPOSE.” Then he tells me to look in my purse & gives this long over dramatic sigh with a shake of his head.

At one point I even bought a special hook to put on our door that leads to the garage. Thinking, every time I walk the door I’ll hang my keys there & grab them on my way out. Good idea, until the very next morning we left the house, Joe was driving & I left my keys hanging on the hook (but of course I scrambled for 10 minutes before realizing where they were).

Any suggestions (and none of this “put it in the same place in your purse” stuff…I tried…I forget when juggling a toddler & in a hurry)???

Suzy Homemaker

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yesterday I needed to run to Target to get some booty wipes for Elle. Plus, it was dark & rainy outside so I decided to take my time and enjoy the beauty that is Target. We started off at the snack bar getting a bag of lovely distraction (aka popcorn) for Elle & a giant Cherry Coke for me. The McGill girls we set & ready to waste time!

One of my favorite parts of Target is checking out the clearance on the end-caps. Those little red stickers make my heart happy! The WAS price vs. the NOW price, seriously brings a smile to my face. Today I found something that is my favorite end-cap purchase ever.

I have several apron in my kitchen. Honestly, I don’t wear them too much. I even have a really nice one that my mom gave me right before I got married (that sounds much more June Clever then it really was). But…I have always wanted a fun, colorful half apron (is that the technical name?).

Well, I found one that I fell in love with on an end-cap at Target (it also came with a matching oven mitt). Let’s take a look at those red stickers:

sticker #1: WAS $9.99 NOW $6.98 (not good enough)

sticker #2: WAS $9.99 NOW $4.98 (you’re getting there)

sticker #3: WAS $9.99 NOW $2.48 (SOLD!!)

I’m thinking that maybe I’ll throw on some pearls & heels & vacuum the house.