My Kinda Town


Hotel room and toddlers don’t mix too well.  We are currently in the Chicago area & staying in a very nice, band new hotel.  But still, that puts Joe & I in a room with Elle.  This makes naps difficult…but interesting.  We have always been the type of parent that puts the kid down in her room & let’s her figure out on her own how to fall asleep.  We never really knew what she did before finally falling asleep.  Yesterday, while laying in bed at nap time, she covered her head with her “blankie” & sang “Momma Mia”.  She also recited the alphabet several times & was literally break dancing in the bed.  I took on the theory of completely ignoring her 500+ questions & hoped she would get bored and fall asleep.  It took an hour and a half, leaving her approximately 35 minutes to nap until we had to leave.

Joe has been attending a conference…Elle & I have been shopping.  It’s been fun 🙂  Except that our super nice hotel (so nice that they have a television set into the mirror in the bathroom) doesn’t have free wifi.  I’ve been going through withdraws.  Thank goodness that my brother, Scott, is nearby to let me steal his.



4 Responses to “My Kinda Town”

  1. Ron Says:

    Hey, if you have a tv in your mirror … why would you need wifi? Come to think of it … did you check to see if you have wifi on your toilet or something?

  2. Nicole Says:

    i cracked up at the break dancing comment. we’re the same way…we just put them to bed, and as long as no one is crying or hurt, they can figure out what they need to do to go to sleep. except hotels are not really designed for this. thankfully, when we take all of them on vacation this summer, we’re staying in a condo…it’s small, but there are doors that can be closed!

  3. Jan Says:

    We laughed out loud at the part about Elle singing “Momma Mia”. 😀

  4. Scott Says:

    I told you…the fee for using my wifi was mentioning my name at least twice in your blog…You are still one short.

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