I Charged The Camera Battery!!


Our fancy mirror at the hotel last week.

Enjoying one of her many nutritious meals in Chi-town (yes, that is sarcasm).

Ikea trip #1.

A happy Dad with his brick at Wrigley Field.

Enjoying her sand & water table & the beautiful weather today.


4 Responses to “I Charged The Camera Battery!!”

  1. Jan Says:

    The older she gets, the more I think Elle looks like you Kelli!

    That sand and water table is super! Someone really thought it out and solved all of the problems I normally have with sandboxes.

  2. Ron Says:

    How could you not buy that chair for Elle? She looks so … happy in it!

  3. Bella Says:

    she looks so big in that chair! when you emailed it to me i nearly cried. i called chris and told him to look at how old she looked. i know the chair is really little…..but she looks really old!!

  4. mcgilla Says:

    remember when you first moved in and no one was allowed to carry elle out of the deck because it was “unsafe” and could “go at any minute”…. and now she enjoys hours of sand and water table fun out on the deck.

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