potty training update (day 2)


Hi everyone. This is Joe. Today is the day that I get to take over potty training…great. I don’t really remember all the times but I’ll give you a quick score:

2 successes – 4 accidents

The accidents came in 3 different categories
2 – accidents in her panties
1 – accident on the kitchen floor
1 – (solid type) accident in her bedroom…gross.

It’s time for lunch…hotdogs. I’ll let you know how things go afterwards.



5 Responses to “potty training update (day 2)”

  1. Kelli McGill Says:

    oh dear!!! are setting a timer!?!?!?

  2. Jan Says:

    I think you are DA BOMB, Joe, for not only taking on Day 2 but blogging about it!

  3. Ron Says:


    Okay, not really. Nice Job, Joe. Now get out there and … wait … are you sitting on the toilet with her? This is a picture I don’t want in my mind…

  4. jimbarnard Says:

    i’ve only had 2 accidents today. none in my panties.

  5. potty training (day 2, part 2) « Kellogues Says:

    […] Friday, June 20, 2008 Hi. Joe again. If you didn’t catch my post earlier this morning you should read this first. […]

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