Pink Eye


Poor baby 😦 Thanks to the walk-in clinics at Walgreen’s, Elle has officially been diagnosed. And thanks to the Walgreen’s pharmacy we have drops & lots of anti-bacterial soap.

Wrestling a 2 year old to the ground to give her eye drops has not been the highlight of my weekend. And lucky me, I get to do it every 4 hours for the next 7 days.

And here is my question, beginning Monday a 17 year old from church will start watching Elle 3 days a week. Is it too much for me to ask her give Elle eye drops? I don’t exactly live close to work, swinging by mid-day to give her drops isn’t an option. (sigh.) Should I take the week off work?

Ok, I haven’t washed my hands in about 3.7 minutes…better go do that again.

8 Responses to “Pink Eye”

  1. Ron Says:

    Mom says … “I think she’ll be fine. The sitter should be able to do it.”

    Dad says … I’m chicken about eye drops too. Try what I do. Close your eyes (her eyes) and drip them into the corner of her eye … like on the tear duct. Then have her open her eyes. It feels kind of good when the soothing drops wash across your eyes. But then again, mom made these decisions with you guys. I hid in the garage.

  2. Two Lines On a Stick Says:

    I think if she’s old enough to babysit, she can do eye drops. Do you have a highchair with a five point harness? (I’m not kidding here) with a little boy I used to watch we strapped him in for his medicine, then you could lean on him to pin his arms and only had to contend with his head… just an idea…

  3. Kari Says:

    The sitter should be fine. Now, will you? If it would make you feel better take the first day off (or half-day) WITH the sitter to show her. She can probably handle it but it will make you feel better. Since the sitter will be there, and be getting paid, take some mom time. You’ve been trying to potty train Elle, she has been sick off and on, and your hubby has been busy with his other job. You deserve to go do something mindless, grab a soda (did I just suggest soda!?!) or just take a long, hot shower or soak in the tub while the sitter keeps Elle occupied. Whatever will recharge you. Hang in there Kelli.

  4. Jan Says:

    Poor baby is right!

    The first case of pink eye arrived in this house when Rebecca was around 11 years old. Sorry, I don’t have any advice. I think Kari gave some wise advice, though. Being there to show your sitter what needs to be done will give everyone a comfort level with the process.

  5. Heather S. Says:

    We have never had to do eye drops before, but we have done ear drops MANY times. For me the girls act like it is the most horrible thing, but for Grandma, it’s no big deal! I bet the sitter can do it – if it doesn’t go well the first day – you will have your answer.

  6. Ron Says:

    That picture of her makes me want to cry. And hug her.

  7. Nicole Says:

    I was going to suggest what your dad did, about her closing her eyes…that’s how I do it when the boys have pinkeye, and it clears it up so it must be working.

    Also, you might want to follow up with your doctor’s office. Our script only called for the boys getting the drops twice a day. Surely after the first day that would be plenty. Not that I’m a doctor or anything.

  8. Jan Says:

    So how’s she doing today, Kelli? I found that the drops produced a visible difference very quickly.

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