“We Were On A Break!!”


Ok, so that is a “Friends” reference…and doesn’t really apply, but I’m not feeling overly creative today. Bottom line, Potty Training is currently on hold. Elle woke up with a cold, runny nose, cough, green runny eyes and all. Poor baby. Honestly, I’m ok with it. I was getting a tad tired. Plus, tomorrow is church & Monday I work. I’m not sure we would have made much headway today anyway.

On another note, Laura & I went to Joe’s show last night. Chris stayed home with Elle. I had put Elle to bed before I left. But when I opened the front door to our house at 1:30am…Elle was standing in the living room by herself (well, Rigby was with her). Chris was in the basement in his room on the computer. He said that she wasn’t crying or anything. We aren’t quite sure why she was up or how long she had been up. She was pretty scared though. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night & thinking that you are home alone. I was just grateful that the baby gate was closed leading to the basement.

Well, it’s a beautiful day outside…the sprinkler is calling Elle’s name!


One Response to ““We Were On A Break!!””

  1. Ron Says:

    Oh great. Now she’s going to think you are trying to drown her.

    You know, that had to be a little terrifying!

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