Suzy Homemaker


Yesterday I needed to run to Target to get some booty wipes for Elle. Plus, it was dark & rainy outside so I decided to take my time and enjoy the beauty that is Target. We started off at the snack bar getting a bag of lovely distraction (aka popcorn) for Elle & a giant Cherry Coke for me. The McGill girls we set & ready to waste time!

One of my favorite parts of Target is checking out the clearance on the end-caps. Those little red stickers make my heart happy! The WAS price vs. the NOW price, seriously brings a smile to my face. Today I found something that is my favorite end-cap purchase ever.

I have several apron in my kitchen. Honestly, I don’t wear them too much. I even have a really nice one that my mom gave me right before I got married (that sounds much more June Clever then it really was). But…I have always wanted a fun, colorful half apron (is that the technical name?).

Well, I found one that I fell in love with on an end-cap at Target (it also came with a matching oven mitt). Let’s take a look at those red stickers:

sticker #1: WAS $9.99 NOW $6.98 (not good enough)

sticker #2: WAS $9.99 NOW $4.98 (you’re getting there)

sticker #3: WAS $9.99 NOW $2.48 (SOLD!!)

I’m thinking that maybe I’ll throw on some pearls & heels & vacuum the house.

8 Responses to “Suzy Homemaker”

  1. heather Says:


  2. Nicole Says:

    ooooh, i want one! i hate my apron and almost never wear it. but that i would wear.

    red target clearance stickers make my heart happy, too.

  3. Ron Says:

    When I saw the picture I thought you made a skirt.


    Looks good Nice price

  4. Ron Says:

    Oh precious daughter … you have not changed one bit since high school! (And I love that about you!) You redefine “fashion!”

  5. Bella Says:

    I BOUGHT AN APRON YESTERDAY TOO! Mine’s not that cute…but it’s my first one. I’ll work up to a flashy $2.98 apron….probably once i learn how to cook something without making it gooey.

  6. tiffanynevil Says:

    this is very dana loesche! (the picture)

  7. tiffanynevil Says:

    oh and tres cute…sorry

  8. It Was a Good Day « Here’s the Diehl Says:

    […] birthday. His parents gave me some shopping money and this adorable apron, a purchase inspired by my friend’s recent find and the fact that I wanted one at Christmas and didn’t find what I wanted. BTW, I wasted […]

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