Sit, Boo Boo, Sit, Good Dog


We woke Elle up at 6:15 this morning (we had to get to church early) & at about 8am I realized that she hadn’t stopped talking the entire time she was up.  She’s all girl in regards to talking, that’s for sure. Here are a few of her newest “tricks”:

  •  Joke telling.  She really enjoys knock-knock jokes, but has no idea how they work.  She can, however, par-take in the classic “why does the chicken cross the road” joke.  Only occasionally does she give the punch line before setting it up.  I need to try to capture this on video so I never forget it.
  • Monitoring Rigby’s dietary intake.  Rig has the habit of filling her mouth with food, and bringing it into the living room, dumping on the floor there & then eating it (she’s done this since she was a puppy).  Elle finds it necessary to crawl next to Rig from the dog bowl to the landing point of food in the living room.  Then she points to the kibble that she want her to eat.  Ahhh…a first born to the core.
  • Round-robin abc’s.  I say, “A” Joe says, “B” Elle says, “C” I say, “D” etc. (think: drinking game for toddlers…minus the drinking)  We did this at least 6 times this evening.  She has pretty much mastered the alphabet & can recognize several letters.
  • Ignoring the sound of my voice.  Apparently she enjoys hanging out in the time-out chair.  She spent quite a bit of time there over the weekend.     
  • Trend setting.  She is doing trying her hardest to set the trend of following ALL hugs with kisses.  She does this with everyone…her little friends, her teachers at church, kids in the youth group, people she just meet at church (she doesn’t know a stranger), etc.  They ask for a hug & she immediately follows it by laying a big one on them (on the lips, of course).  I always warn them during the hug that she will probably kiss them next. 

2 Responses to “Sit, Boo Boo, Sit, Good Dog”

  1. Ron Says:

    She and I did “knock knock jokes” too. I was amazed that she even knew what they are even if she didn’t actually finish one. And those kisses? They are GOLDEN!

  2. Nicole Says:

    i really enjoyed that you compared your alphabet game to a drinking game…that made me smile.

    and don’t you love how early they learn to ignore what you’re saying unless you’re offering chocolate or something?

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