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Ok, I’m going to expose my young parenting self & ask a child etiquette question. We were talking about taking Elle to see “Wall-E” tonight. Is it ok to take a young child to a movie in the evening? Obviously it would be better to take her to a matinee. And be don’t want to be “that parent.” With us both working & Joe’s travel schedule, it’s hard to find a time when we could catch a movie as a family in the afternoon.

Now…I know that I am a paying movie goer & I can take her whenever I want to (that’s not what I’m asking)…BUT, how do you feel when you see a parent walk in to a movie in the evening?

8 Responses to “Any Thoughts?”

  1. Jan Says:

    I’d say no big deal…. UNLESS…. 1) the movie is rated PG-13 or R and there is stuff that a little one just shouldn’t be seeing (IMO) or 2) the child is loud or otherwise disruptive and the parental unit(s) don’t do anything to correct or at least diminish those disruptions.

    Otherwise it’s none of my business if people bring their littles to an evening show. Well, I guess for #1 that I listed it still isn’t my business but it bothers me a LOT.

  2. Jan Says:

    Edit to say that I don’t go see R-rated films myself but I’ve heard of parents bringing their small children to those shows. In those cases it seems like the parents just don’t want to go through the expense/bother of getting a sitter. 😐

  3. Ron Says:

    Nothing wrong with it! A Monday night at an earlier in the evening show probably will not be all that well attended anyway. And there will be lots of kids at that movie. Just sit in your own corner someplace. Elle is able to understand the direction to “whisper” if you need to talk to mom and dad. I would probably sit toward the far back and if someone turns around to see who is making the noise just shoot “the look” at another couple with a small child in the general area. 🙂 It’s called “The Old Fake-Out.” If all else fails, dope her up on popcorn.

  4. mcgilla Says:

    i know i’m not a parent, so i don’t know if my opinion counts, but…. I only don’t like it when parents take their kids to see movies that kids don’t need to be seeing, because THEY want to see the movie. OR if it was a late show. As long as you’re not going to a movie that won’t be over until like 10:30…. I think you’re good. The evening is still “family time”

  5. Ron Says:

    Besides, Elle is smarter and better behaved than most adults.

  6. Denise Says:

    I agree with what everyone else is saying, and I’d also like to make that point that it’s a kids’ show. If I were going to see it, matinee or evening, I would expect there to be children of most ages in the theater, and I’d expect to hear and see more than normal “distractions” because of the fact that it *is* a kids’ show. If someone wants to watch it without disruption, they should wait to watch it at home. Just my humble opinion.

  7. Lauren E. Says:

    Not a parent here, either…but I would expect to see children at a children’s movie. Pfft to the folks that would balk at kids at a DISNEY movie – no matter what time it is!

  8. Kelli Says:

    In my opinion, it’s a kids movie so taking her at night should be no big deal. I would probably not take my kids to a movie that’s not kid oriented, but for a kids movie people should expect young children! Hope it was good. Lee and I want to take Sloan next week.

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