Festive Summer Cupcakes


Several weeks ago I was poking around on FamilyFun.com & came across the most adorable idea for summer cupcakes. Our little lunch over the weekend presented the perfect opportunity to give them a try. I was envisioning a beautiful moment where our little family would sit around the table & make these cupcakes together. We would laugh, and form memories that would last for years. Instead, Elle sat next to my stuffing vanilla wafers in her mouth and begging for candy while Joe while watched the cardinal game in the living room. Leaving me to make the cupcakes solo. Oh well, here is my creation:

They are super cute & super simple.

The hotdogs were made of:

  • circus peanuts for the buns
  • carmels rolled to look like hotdogs
  • red or yellow icing served as our ketchup & mustard
  • diced green gumdrops doubled as relish.

The hamburgers (I thought they were cuter (is “cuter” a word?)) were:

  • upside-down vanilla wafer (with a dab of icing on top) were the bottom bun
  • thin mint cookie (or any chocolate covered cookie) was our burger
  • red & yellow icing for ketchup & mustard
  • slices of green gumdrops if you like pickles
  • vanilla wafer with juice concentrated brushed on top & sprinkled with sesame seeds
  • (another idea is to use coconut dyed green for lettuce)

They were a hit & we had plenty left over. I was terrified of having cupcakes just sitting in my kitchen taunting me, so I took them to church on Sunday to share with my volunteers. They will be a reoccurring treat at our house each summer.

3 Responses to “Festive Summer Cupcakes”

  1. mcgilla Says:

    you know when you see these in magazines you think yours will never turn out quite as cute…. but i think yours actually made it! good job

  2. Nicole Says:

    so…it wasn’t a family memories kind of moment when you made them. they still looked really cute, and luke loved the cupcake! and i was very impressed with your culinary skills.

  3. Lerryn Says:

    Mrs. Martha Stewart in the hizouse! Except without the jail and farud… You are my hero. 🙂

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