And I Quote:


Recent Elle quotes:

  • “I’m too busy to go pee pee on the potty”
  • “That’s a good idea” (in response to me asking her if she wanted to go with me to take Lerryn (our babysitter) home)
  • “Momma Mia” (she shouted this at Chris several times during dinner tonight…completely random & for no reason at all)
  • “This baby’s name is Baby, this baby’s name is Baby & this elephant’s name is Baby Elephant” (very creative, i know)

Elle often refers to me as:

  • Mommy
  • Mom
  • My Mommy
  • Kelli
  • Honey
  • Babe

**Thus far, I’m a fan of this list…I don’t expect that to be true forever**


6 Responses to “And I Quote:”

  1. Ron Says:

    Wanna know what we call ya?

  2. kellimcgill Says:


  3. Tiffany Says:

    Cooper has started referring to me with such names as “honey” “pretty girl” and “pretty mommy”. I am also thus far a fan of this list and agree it potentially will not always be that way. 🙂 he h ehee


  4. Scott Says:

    I get called “pretty mommy” from time to time too.

  5. Dad (Butch) Says:

    o.k. since you don’t want to know what your Dad calls you do you want to know what I call you?

  6. kellimcgill Says:


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